Airborne (New Zealand) Manuka 25+ with Pollen Blend Honey 500g / 17.85oz

Airborne (New Zealand) Manuka 25+ with Pollen Blend Honey 500g / 17.85oz

Solution Description
This premium good quality honey is collected by the honeybees from the flowers of the wild, uncultivated Tea Tree Bush (leptospermum scoparium) in New Zealand. The flavor is robust with overtones of caramel and malt Very wealthy in methylgloaxal, a naturally occurring antibacterial ingredient with special wellness giving properties Consists of oligosaccharides, which act as a prebiotic helping to keep and improve the quantity of ‘good’ bacteria in the digestive program and decrease the quantity of ‘bad’ bacteria Full of all the essential minerals essential for life: seven vitamins of the B complicated group, amino acids, enzymes and antibacterial agents Certified Kosher Every single jar consists of a pollen count, which indicates how considerably pollen is in the honey. Airborne Health honey consists of the maximum quantity of pollen in every single jar, guaranteeing it consists of only the best good quality honey available.These elements, as properly as the raw and unpasteurized aspect, assures us that we are usually supplying the highest quality, genuine Manuka honey available on the industry.

Price: $28.95

  • Sincere: particulars on each and every jar include pollen count, batch numbers, and active ingredients (lab tested)
  • UNDAMAGED: most pure, organic, and raw honey very minimal heat damage maintains honey’s distinctive properties
  • TRACEABLE: can trace your honey down to the particular region, to the particular apiary, that created your honey
  • 25+ Pure Manuka Pollen blend
  • Honey: Nature’s best meals, a need to have for daily, healthy living

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