Desert Creek Honey All Natural Raw Premium Honey Bee Pollen, 8 oz.

Desert Creek Honey All All-natural Raw Premium Honey Bee Pollen, 8 oz.

Product Description
Most individuals who purchase our pollen get it to help relieve allergy symptoms. But much less identified is the truth that honeybee pollen consists of ALL of the amino acids, and is an outstanding health supplement. It is also quite great at giving your immune system a increase in these cold, flu prone months of winter. Pollen is also utilised by numerous athletes as a supply of protein and as an power enhance! Most individuals sprinkle pollen into smoothies, on salads, into cool drinks, or on any other cold foods. It has a sweet, nearly nut like flavor. Physicians advocate starting by consuming 1-two granules per day, and more than a two week period work up to 1-2 teaspoons of pollen every single day.

Cost: $12.99

  • A single ingredient: All All-natural Honey Bee Pollen
  • Wonderful for allergy relief
  • Pure, organic, and raw
  • Harvested responsibly

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