Honey is the Remedy


Researchers in Australia have discovered a cure in a honey sold in most wellness meals shops. Study has shown that Manuka honey kills bacteria such as antibiotic-resistant superbugs that are located in most hospitals and have killed several individuals.

Many bacteria have turn into resistant to antibacterial drugs but researchers identified that when they tested Manuka honey on diverse bacteria, the bacteria was killed. When they applied the honey externally it healed cuts, buts and infections. What is different about this honey is that it comes from bees who feed on tea tress native to Australia and New Zealand.

Honey has been utilized for thousands of years for dressing wounds and cuts lengthy just before the invention of antibiotics. One of the issues in making use of antibiotics is the bacteria swiftly becomes resistant to the antibiotic. For that reason, obtaining an option that could save a lot of lives is very critical. The researchers found that the bacteria they used to test the honey, like the flesh-consuming bacteria did not constructed up any immunity.

Researchers have discovered that Manuka honey can heal a variety of situations including stomach ulcers, sore throat, cold, skin ulcers, boils, cuts and wounds, minor burns and a lot more importantly, staphylococcus.

Manuka honey seems to restrict the grown of bacteria linked with stomach ulcers. The researchers performed a clinical trial and discovered all their patients received relief. If you suffer from stomach ulcers, try taking a teaspoon three or 4 instances a day ahead of meals and bedtime. Make confident you don’t have any liquids as this will dilute the honey’s effect. Consuming a piece of bread or crackers will assist slow down the digestion approach and hold the honey in your stomach longer. For relief of sore throats and cold, the same therapy might be applied.

The identical researchers identified that applying Manuka honey to skin ulcers, wounds and boils cleared the infection resulting fast healing. The honey also seems to market the regrowth of tissue with minimal scarring.

The most essential application is against staphylococcus infections which appear to be found more and far more in hospitals. The researchers identified that Manuka honey was successful in treating all these forms of bacteria and did not outcome in the bacteria becoming resistant to the honey.

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