Honey Nut Cheerios Gluten Cost-free Breakfast Cereal, 26.6 oz, Giant Size Cereal Box

Honey Nut Cheerios Gluten Free Breakfast Cereal, 26.6 oz, Giant Size Cereal Box

Solution Description
1st Ingredient Entire Grain A entire grain meals is created by making use of all 3 components of the grain. All General Mills Massive G Cereals contain far more whole grain than any other single ingredient. 15g whole grain per serving. At least 48g recommended daily.

Price tag: $4.58

  • BREAKFAST CEREALS: Whole grain oats cereal with actual honey and all-natural almond flavor
  • GLUTEN Cost-free: Gluten totally free and basically made with out artificial flavors or colors Very good source of iron and calcium
  • Whole GRAIN: Initial ingredient is whole grain and fortified with 12 essential vitamins and minerals
  • BOX Consists of: 26.six oz giant size box A pantry staple for breakfast or a wholesome snack
  • Assists reduce the risk of heart illness, lower cholesterol, cereal supplies .75 grams per serving

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