Hungary Bees Wild Acacia Honey 16oz

Hungary Bees Wild Acacia Honey 16oz

Item Description
Europe’s most prized honey…Hungarian Acacia Honey is now obtainable is the United States! Acacia honey is a national treasure in Hungary, setting the normal as Europe’s highest good quality honey! Hungary Bees Wild Acacia Honey is raw to retain all of its natural nutritional worth and well being positive aspects. Hungary Bees Wild Acacia Honey is the finest honey available anywhere in the planet. There are no antibiotics or significantly less costly honey blends added, no added sugars or water…it really is pure honey from the hives deep within nature’s organic supply…the pristine acacia forests of Hungary. Until now, you’ve only been capable to taste this honey in Europe’s finest specialty shops or even though dining at the finest restaurants on the shores of the Danube. If you appreciate the finer thngs in life, taste this delicious, pure and wholesome acacia honey and you will never ever want any other!!!!!!

Value: $20.90

  • Raw Organic Wild Acacia Honey
  • From the pristine Acacia forests in Hungary
  • Clear fluid golden honey with a sweet floral taste
  • Europe’s most prized honey
  • Imported from Hungary

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