L.R. Rice one hundred% Pure Honey Raw & Unfiltered, Nearby Florida, 16oz

L.R. Rice 100% Pure Honey Raw & Unfiltered, Regional Florida, 16oz

Product Description
100% PURE RAW & UNFILTERED AMERICAN HONEY – Created in the USA and straight from the hive – from our household to your loved ones! Rice`s Honey proudly partners with nearby beekeepers about the country to supply only 100% pure, authentic, higher good quality, raw & unfiltered honey in a wide selection of local blends. Nothing is ever added and all the nutrients stay in every single bottle, which includes such healthful nutrients as vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids, enzymes, and pollen. Honey is a great alternative sweetener that has numerous positive aspects more than sugar. Rice`s Neighborhood Florida Honey is a blend of stunning flower kinds and nectars generally found in Florida. Rice`s Neighborhood Florida Honey consists of trace amounts of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes. US Grade A Strained. Gluten Free. All elements of the item and packaging are proudly made in the USA. In 1924, L.R. Rice began packaging premium American homegrown honey straight from the hive and promoting it door to door. Nowadays, Nearly 100 years later, Rice’s Honey is nevertheless a family members-run organization in its 5th generation of generating, packing and functioning with nearby beekeepers to bring you the very best American premium honey. Rice’s Honey is committed to remaining regional, sustainable, and socially accountable, sourcing the highest top quality raw honey from around the United States and enabling regional beekeepers to share their incredible honey straight with customers like you.

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