Please improve the living conditions for the little creatures are one of the important insects in the world. A lot of people know bees to produce the honey that everybody loves so much but their importance is more than that. Bees are very much beneficial to both humans and the environment they live in. they contribute a lot to gardens, and they help in the pollination of most of the food that humans cannot do without. It is as a result of these reasons that I have founded a bee-keeping service called Infinity Honey and we produce a lot of bee and honey products. As a beekeeper, I tend to the wonderful bees in a bee yard in the city. However, every year, we keep losing many of these bees. After so many deliberations, we decided to relocate our bee yard from the city and move to a state land. We realized that we are going to need about 10 acres of land, which cost over $40,000 (forty thousand USD). We needed to raise more money in order to achieve our aim which is why we are creating an awareness to solicit for help and assistance with funds needed to purchase the land. Tending to the bees outside the city will improve productivity and help the bees to live longer and also keep them from getting lost all the time. To make contributions to the achievement of our aim, you can make donations through PayPal. Our PayPal email is To find out more about us, visit our website at You can also visit our Facebook page at We look forward in anticipation of your contributions and we really appreciate your gesture. No amount is too small. Thanks again as you help to make this possible. Warm Regards.