Pure Organic Israeli Honey, Kosher, Holy Land Gifts From Nazareth Israel, eight.eight Ounce Each and every, 3 Jars

Pure All-natural Israeli Honey, Kosher, Holy Land Gifts From Nazareth Israel, 8.eight Ounce Each and every, 3 Jars

Item Description
What could be a better supply than this when you get a set of three Jars of Nazareth Honey? Nazareth Honey best Israeli Honey is supreme in taste and good quality. It is made in limited quantities and harvested by beekeepers in the best traditions of the area. Nazareth Secret Pure Honey is Unrivaled for A lot of Motives: • Natural product direct from Israel • Best-tasting honey obtainable in the region • Tasty however wholesome snack • Thick and concentrated due to collection at the end of the flowering season • Coarse filtering approach retains both the pollen and propolis • The apiary has been generating honey for three generations • Exceptional gift concept • Totally free of sugar water Nazareth Secret is our family-based company, and we have been fortunate to call the lovely Nazareth our property. We are passionate about sharing its splendor with those who can not be here to appreciate it with us, and each of our premium merchandise is very carefully chosen to evoke the flavors, beauty and history of the Holy Land. We pride ourselves not only on our high standards, but also on our commitment to preserving the organic state of the land. Every single solution is all-natural, crafted locally, and is primarily based on regional recipes, traditionally passed down from generation to generation. We are so pleased to be able to provide you all that is good from Israel, and we invite you to explore Nazareth via the exclusive scents and flavors of our very carefully chosen and expanding catalog of delicious products, including Nazareth honey, Dates Spread Halva Flavor and Colorful hand crafted candles.

Value: $38.95

  • Pure star thistle flower honey – natural honey produced from starthistle flowers that grow in the popular gorgeous hills of Nazareth Israel
  • Great present from the land of Milk and Honey – an authentic taste of the Holy Land, our flavorful and healthy honey makes a thoughtful and unique present
  • All-natural – unheated, with a coarse filtering approach to preserve pollens and propolis to maintain honey as raw and pure as attainable, with no added sugar or water. All year Kosher certified
  • Smooth, delicate flavor and wealthy golden color- with perfect amount of sweetness star thistle honey is milder than clover, has rich amber colour, and delicate, subtle flavor that captures essence of summer bloom in Nazareth region eight.eight ounce (250 g) jar each – unique packaging highlighting history and tradition of the region
  • 8.eight ounce (250 g) jar every – unique packaging highlighting history and tradition of the region

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