Raw Honey Organic Unfiltered – 100% Pure & Scrumptious Organic Honey Sweetener And Sugar Alternative

Raw Honey Organic Unfiltered – 100% Pure & Delicious All-natural Honey Sweetener And Sugar Alternative – Organic Skin Care Dietary Supplement Rich in Antioxidants – USDA Certified OU Kosher & US Grade A

Product Description

The Positive aspects of Honey Regarded as a single of nature’s medicinal wonders, raw honey includes a assortment of acids, both amino and organic, which offer positive aspects for both consumption as a food and for topical application in skin care. Maple Holistics provides the highest top quality, most scrumptious and one hundred% pure and natural raw honey accessible to maximize the benefits honey can supply for the very best-tasting and most nutritional honey you’ve ever seasoned – income-back guaranteed!

Unfiltered and Unprocessed for Best Nutritional Value & Flavor Extracted straight from the hive to the bottle to provide the best nutritional worth and flavor. Cautious extraction procedure guarantees no heat exposure above all-natural hive temperatures throughout, and does not undergo filtering to outcome in 1 pure ingredient: raw honey.

The USDA Organic Advantage Maple Holistics Honey is certified USDA Organic which guarantees naturalness and good quality. This makes it possible for us to offer you the purest and freshest honey free of additives, chemical substances, or preservatives. Satiate your self the healthful way!

Maple Holistics Organic Raw Honey :

  • one hundred% pure organic raw honey
  • Sourced straight from the hive to the bottle with no filtering or heating processes for maximum flavor and nutritional value.
  • Certified Organic by the USDA
  • Unpasteurized, organic and delicious
  • Certified Kosher (OU) and Grade A
  • Generously sized (12 oz)
  • For dietary and skincare use
  • Highest grade honey accessible
  • one hundred% money-back satisfaction assure

Price tag: $ten.95

  • 100% pure organic raw honey prepared in easy-to-dispense packaging. Certified organic by the USDA as a premium unpasteurized and unfiltered honey with no chemicals or sugar added. Loved ones size bulk 12 oz (340 g) package for an ample supply of tasty nutritious goodness!
  • Straight from the hive to the bottle delivers the promise of the highest high quality honey available! Ready with the ideal methodologies possessing genuine certification to assure authenticity and nutritional worth. As opposed to other honey merchandise which are ultra-filtered to boost clarity but decrease nutritional value, Maple Holistics is geographically sourced (item of Brazil) and by no means undergoes filtering processes which influence purity and flavor.
  • Careful extraction process ensures NO heat exposure (above natural hive temperatures) or filtering occurs. one hundred% all-all-natural honey is genuinely sweet and tasty for a pure, scrumptious flavorful expertise. Versatile usage appropriate for both dietary and skincare needs.
  • US Grade A and certified kosher (OU). Packaged in environmentally friendly, BPA cost-free reverse-tottle plastic bottle for effortless storage with the highest standards of packaging techniques which guarantees the honey retains it freshness and flavor.
  • one hundred% Income-Back Assure: If for any reason at all you are unsatisfied with your 12 oz acquire of Maple Holistics Certified Organic Honey, you are eligible for a full, no-questions-asked refund. Outstanding buyer service from a reputed brand who prioritizes buyer satisfaction.


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