Raw Orange Blossom Honey 16oz (Pure Organic Honey)

Raw Orange Blossom Honey 16oz (Pure Natural Honey)

Solution Description
This Orange Blossom honey is fresh from the groves and this year’s harvest was one of the greatest we’ve had. This year’s Orange Blossom is exceptionally light with a delicate citrus flavor. Orange Blossom is a favored Florida honey that is quite sweet. Use it to sweeten your tea or coffee. This honey tends to granulate rapidly. We could heat this honey to lessen granulation, but this would compromise the honey’s flavor and, far more importantly, its healthful rewards. The 2016 Orange Blossom honey harvest is darker in colour!

About Winter Park Honey
Winter Park Honey is a tiny household owned honey business committed to assisting bees create the finest honey attainable. We preserve bees all through Central Florida and, in the course of the summer season, we preserve bees close to Winter Park, Colorado also. We are committed to offering our clients numerous gourmet, varietal honeys in the most organic state feasible. All our honey comes to you straight from the comb to the bottle. We usually win first location in honey taste contests.

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Cost: $13.95

  • Raw Orange Blossom honey straight from the honeycomb.
  • Unheated, all-organic honey.
  • The bees developed this honey whilst enjoying the sweet scent of orange blossom nectar from a enormous Florida orange grove .
  • The mild, sweet taste of this Orange Blossom honey makes it the ideal honey to add to your tea or coffee.
  • Enjoy this Florida favored whilst you can! Florida orange groves are disappearing rapidly.

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