Sandt’s Orange Blossom Honey, Unfiltered Raw Honey, Non-GMO Genuine, Pure Honey (two lbs)

Sandt’s Orange Blossom Honey, Unfiltered Raw Honey, Non-GMO Genuine, Pure Honey (2 lbs)

Item Description
Orange Blossom honey might be a single range, but typically it is a mixture of citrus floral sources from Oranges and nearby Grapefruit or even Lime and Lemon trees. Orange is a leading honey supply in southern Florida, Texas, Arizona and California. Orange trees bloom in March and April and create a white to extra light amber honey with a distinctive flavor and the aroma of orange blossoms.

Every bottle of Sandt’s honey is genuine, pure honey. As opposed to the majority of honey sitting on shop shelves today, we at Sandt’s do not alter our honey. Nor do we add extenders, additives or something else. We merely give exceptional “unfiltered raw honey – as the bees intended”.

What determines Honey’s flavor?
The flower from which it comes determines the flavor, aroma, color and to some extent the body of a honey. For instance, clover and alfalfa create a mild, light colored honey orange blossom is a fragrant, somewhat citrusy honey buckwheat a dark, pungent honey. Honey also may possibly take its name from a basic grouping of flowers, such as wildflower, or from a particular geographical area.

Cost: $20.97

  • Pure all-natural Unfiltered Raw Orange Blossom Honey
  • 100% Pure & Unfiltered honey gathered from the Florida orange groves.
  • Orange Blossom honey varies in colour from water-white to extra light amber and has a distinctive flavor.
  • Completely Gluten-free of charge, With out added flavors, With no preservatives.
  • A wonderful honey for tea, fruit, french toast, salad dressing & meat glaze.

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